I work at a pretty laid-back startup with no HR department, so I can typically get away with not censoring myself too much. That being said, I can get pretty obscene when I'm with my closest friends. I can say things around them that they know are just shock-value jokes. I actually do get pretty edgy sometimes at… » 3/17/14 2:14pm 3/17/14 2:14pm

I learned a lot more from leaving my first crappy job, than I did while I was actually there. It got to a point where I couldn't stand my evil boss, sterile environment, and uninspired work. So I left. I found an internship at a much cooler company within a few months, and even though it was unpaid, it made me so much… » 2/20/14 7:30am 2/20/14 7:30am

I'm not saying it's the best, because it's really all I use, but VLC has served me incredibly well for years and years at this point. The reason I've never switched to another player is that VLC has never failed to meet my needs. It handles every file type that I throw at it, the interface is simple to use, and I like… » 1/20/14 9:16am 1/20/14 9:16am

I prefer Android based on its customization options. In all honesty, both operating systems are perfectly capable of carrying out basic, everyday tasks. The average user will probably end up getting just as much out of either Android or iOS. People that get a little geeky with it, like myself, might prefer Android… » 9/12/13 3:30pm 9/12/13 3:30pm